Who We Are

Protégé Biomedical is a company with a unique new line of hemostatic products developed to stop bleeding in animals and humans*. Their hemostatic devices use a patent-pending compound of all-natural minerals designed to quickly stop bleeding in minor to severe wounds.


ClotIt is Protégé Biomedical’s line of hemostatic devices for animals. ClotIt launched nationwide in 2014 and has built a loyal following of prestigious veterinarians and consumers. Click here for more information on ClotIt and how to order.

*In Development: Protégé Biomedical has a line of hemostatic devices in development for human use. Protégé Biomedical submitted their first 510(k) to the FDA for clearance in Q4 2015. If cleared, Fermata™ Hemostatic Powder will be launched for emergency trauma use. Click for more info.

Our Technology

Protégé Biomedical has developed a patent-pending Ionic Hemostatic Mineral (IHM) ​
Technology that works to stop bleeding in second. ​

This all-natural, mineral based technology works along side the body’s own natural clotting mechanisms and stops bleeding faster than the leading blood clotting methods*. Click here for more info on this technology and our research​.

*faster than all blood clotting methods that were tested.