Co-founders Michael and Susie Wuollett

Michael Wuollett, MBA, RAC  Co-Founder, CEO

Susie Wuollett, MBA Co-Founder, President


Protégé Biomedical is a company with a unique new line of hemostatic products developed to stop bleeding in animals and humans*.

Their hemostatic devices use a patent-pending compound of all-natural minerals designed to quickly stop bleeding in minor to severe wounds.

Protégé Biomedical launched their first product, ClotIt, in Minnesota and online in September 2013, and and debuted it nationally at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando in March 2014. ClotIt is a powder designed to stop bleeding in minor-to-severe animal wounds.

*Military, Surgical, and general consumer products are currently in development.

About The Name

Pro·té·gé: (noun) a person who is guided and supported by a more experienced or influential person.

Protégé biomedical was named because co-founders Michael and Susie Wuollett consider themselves to be the protégés of a group of talented and experienced advisors. They surround themselves with top talent to ensure the best possible decisions are made in every aspect of the company. 

Protégé Biomedical aspires to be a world-renound medical device company through leveraging the expertise of their talented advisors and experienced mentors. Protégé biomedical also aspires to give back, pay forward, and help other new entrepreneurs succeed.